Linux Driver for the
RadioShack 12-258 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

wxrd - Understanding the Server Output

Each line of output corresponding to an alert message can be broken down as follows. Note that by specification, each message is repeated three times. The timestamp, however, is generated by the server and is not part of the decoded message, so it will vary based on arrival time of each alert message.

WXR RWT 039103-039153 20061206T113019+0020
WXR RWT 039103-039153 20061206T113034+0020
WXR RWT 039103-039153 20061206T113049+0020

Origin Message Area Codes YYYY MM DD T HH MM SS + HH MM
WXR RWT 039103-039153 2006 11 30 T 14 57 09 + 06 00

See for S.A.M.E. area codes.
See for S.A.M.E. message codes.

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