Linux Driver for the
RadioShack 12-258 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

wxrd - The Server Code

wxrd is the name of the server process. The radio identifies itself as wxr (wx is short for weather, r for radio) and Unix daemon processes, by convention, end in the letter d.

This server is based on the template in chapter 5 of the book Advanced UNIX Programming (2nd Edition) by Marc J. Rochkind. I essentially wrapped the relevant code produced by usbsnoop2libusb with the daemon template.

The wxrd server listens on a unix port (unsanctioned port #9317 by default) for clients to connect. When a client connects a short message identifying the server is sent to the client. Then the server waits until an alert is received and transmits it to the attached clients in the following format. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) dictates the format of the messages. More information about EAS can be found at Each message is repeated 3 times. The wxrd server doesn't care about the message, it only sends what it gets from the radio to the client. If the message is received by wxrd from the radio three times then it will send it to the clients three times. The only difference between each of the three messages will be the time stamp.

WXRD v0.2 - (C) 2006,   
   All rights reserved.
WXR HWW 039103-039153-039133-039155-039169-039151-039099-039075 20061130T145709+0600
WXR HWW 039103-039153-039133-039155-039169-039151-039099-039075 20061130T145722+0600
WXR HWW 039103-039153-039133-039155-039169-039151-039099-039075 20061130T145734+0600
WXR SVA 096146-039005-039019-039029-039067-039075-039099-039103-039133-039151-039153-039155-039157-039169 20061201T061315+0020
WXR SVA 096146-039005-039019-039029-039067-039075-039099-039103-039133-039151-039153-039155-039157-039169 20061201T061331+0020
WXR SVA 096146-039005-039019-039029-039067-039075-039099-039103-039133-039151-039153-039155-039157-039169 20061201T061346+0020
WXR RWT 039103-039153-039133-039155-039005-039169-039151-039099-039075-039157-039019-039029-039067 20061206T113019+0020
WXR RWT 039103-039153-039133-039155-039005-039169-039151-039099-039075-039157-039019-039029-039067 20061206T113034+0020
WXR RWT 039103-039153-039133-039155-039005-039169-039151-039099-039075-039157-039019-039029-039067 20061206T113049+0020

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