Linux Driver for the
RadioShack 12-258 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

wxrd - Running the wxrd Server

wxrd may need to be run as root in order to acquire the usb device. It is possible (and preferable) to configure the Linux system to allow a normal user to run wxrd. How to do this depends upon the Linux distribution and kernel version, and is beyond the scope of this writing.

Another issue that I have encountered in earlier kernels is that the usbhid kernel module may have to be removed, temporarily, prior to running wxrd. This can also be avoided by correctly configuring Linux for the particular device.

Run the wxrd command to see the options

usage: wxrd] [-p] [-l logfile]
  -h  show this help and exit
  -d  debug; don't fork to be a daemon
  -p  port
  -l  logfile
>wxrd -d -p 9317 -l ~/wxrd.log >/dev/null 2>&1 &

The second command will run wxrd, listening on port 9317, in debug (non-daemon mode) and save log info to ~/wxrd.log. This is how I've been running it for years.

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