Linux Driver for the
RadioShack 12-258 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

A Java Client

Running the Client

$ java -classpath src:$LIB/activation.jar:$LIB/mail.jar:$LIB/log4j-1.2.8.jar com.bechter.wxrd.client.WxrClient --help

WxrClient - listen for weather alert messages from a wxrd server.
    -h | --help     : print this message
    -t | --host     : hostname of host running wxrd (default is localhost)
    -p | --port     : port on host running wxrd to connect to (default is 9317)
    -e | --email    : email address (or comma-separated list of addresses) to email
    -s | --sms      : sms email gateway address (or comma-separated list of addresses) to sms
    -m | --mailhost : SMTP email host to use to send email
    -u | --mailuser : SMTP username used to send email
    -f | --from     : email address to appear in the "from" of the email/sms

$ java -classpath src:$LIB/activation.jar:$LIB/mail.jar:$LIB/log4j-1.2.8.jar com.bechter.wxrd.client.WxrClient \
      --host localhost --port 9317 --email, --sms \
      --mailhost --mailuser \

This example assumes that the wxrd server is already running on localhost on port 9317, the environment variable LIB is set to the location of the dependent jars, the Java source has been compiled and the current directory is the wxrd-0.2/client directory.

Substitute the smtp server and email addresses to suit your own needs. You may also need to adjust the jar file names--they should match the names of the downloaded dependent library jars.

The difference between the sms and email users is only the length of the message sent.

There is also a -T / --test command line option which will allow you to debug the setup without waiting for a real alert message. if the --test option is used a fake test message will be sent immediately to the users specified on the command line and the client will exit.

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