Linux Driver for the
RadioShack 12-258 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

A Java Client

An example of a more comprehensive client may be found in the downloads. This example features a standalone Java class that connects to the wxrd daemon and sends email or short mail to specified clients.

You will need access to an SMTP server to use this example, as it uses the JavaMail framework to provide email services. You will also need to download the javamail.jar and activation.jar jar files from Oracle and log4j.jar from Apache in order to use this example as is (see download links below). You will need a Java 1.5 or later compiler installed as well.

Dependent Library jar files

Building the client on a Unix system

$ tar xzf wxrd-0.2.tgz

$ cd wxrd-0.2/client

$ export LIB={some path to where you downloaded the jar files}

$ javac -classpath $LIB/activation.jar:$LIB/mail.jar:$LIB/log4j-1.2.8,jar src/com/bechter/wxrd/client/*.java

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