MIDI Transport Controller


The MIDI Transport Controller was conceived both as a project that would give me the opportunity to work with and gain some experience with the Arduino microcontroller platform as well as a practical project. I use the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation in my basement recording studio as my primary multitrack recording software. Because, for most of the recording that I do, I am the producer, engineer and the talent I needed a remote transport control that will work well with Ardour and would be convenient to use wherever I might be in my studio. I had seen some projects on-line that used the rotary encoder from salvaged VCR components and thought this might be the way to go. While considering this I discovered that my former pro-sumer VCR (now sitting in the scrap pile) featured a jog/shuttle dial on both the main unit and the remote control. This, it seemed, would be an ideal way to give these old components a second chance at a useful life and a way to satisfy my requirements for the project.

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