MIDI Transport Controller

Confirming the Shuttle Function

Fresh from a recent success confirming the operation of the jog wheel rotary encoder I was ready to move on to the shuttle ring. I felt certain that the 3-bit Gray code would be reavealed in the same way.

Much to my surprise, it became glaringly obvious with the first rotation of the shuttle ring that I was looking at something very different.

Jog/Shuttle on the Breadboard

With the shuttle ring in its neutral position, one of the three red LEDs is on. As I rotate the shuttle ring this LED goes out and the remaining 2 LEDs begin to count as a 2-bit Gray code counter.

So, with the control on the breadboard it becomes obvious that the shuttle ring is also a rotary encoder. Two pins are for the encoder and the third pin is for indicating that the shuttle ring is in the neutral (off) position.

Next step: Arduino sketches to read the encoders.

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