MIDI Transport Controller

Confirming the Jog Function

Test Schematic: Jog/Shuttle on the Breadboard

To confirm the various functions I put the jog/shuttle control on a breadboard. I soldered short leads to the pins on the control, red for the 3 leads of the jog wheel and black for the shuttle ring and inserted them into a breadboard. I tied the common pins for the jog wheel and the shuttle ring to ground. I added pull-up resistors and LEDs and a 9-volt battery for power to the remaining pins. The green LEDs are for the jog wheel and the red LEDs are for the shuttle ring.

Jog Sequence

With power applied to the circuit, rotating the jog wheel iluminates the two green LEDs in a 2-bit Gray code counting sequence, both forward and backward. This confirms the operation of the jog wheel configured as a rotary encoder. It should be easy to interface this control with the Arduino using an interrupt to count rotation steps.

There are numerous references on rotary encoder theory and for using a rotary encoder with Arduino. See the Arduino documentation for more details.

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