Dual Channel MIDI Foot Switch

Operating Modes


Provided there is sufficient program memory available, this will be a fun little startup display of eye-candy. This mode will start on power-up, go through some sequence and automatically swith to Normal mode.

Normal, Foot Switch

Normal operation. Read switches, send MIDI commands, update display or change modes.

The 2-digit display will show the current bank number for the currently selected channel (1 - 25). A pair of LEDs to the left of the 2-digit display will indicate which channel, upper or lower, is active.

Pressing the switch directly under the display will toggle between upper and lower channel. Pressing and holding this switch for several seconds will switch the unit into Tuner mode.

LEDs above each of the 5 patch switches (corresponding to the V-Amp A - E buttons) will illuminate if that patch switch is pressed, and will remain lit indicating which of the 5 patches for that bank is active, as long as the channel and bank remain unchenged. If after changing banks or channels, the unit is returned to the bank and channel where a patch switch was last pressed, the corresponding LED will be illuminated.

Whenever a patch switch is pressed the MIDI command for that patch will be sent on the MIDI channel for the currently selected (upper or lower) channel.

MIDI Channel Select


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