Dual Channel MIDI Foot Switch

MIDI Implementation

According to the V-Amp Pro and Bass V-Amp Pro manuals, MIDI program change commands are used to change presets. Program values 0 to 124 select presets A01 through E25. Program change value 127 selects tuner mode.

The Dual Channel MIDI Foot Switch will default to MIDI channel 1 for channel 1 and MIDI channel 2 for channel 2. These can be modified to any of the available 16 channels using the Channel Select Mode.

The foot switch will have a single 5 pin, female DIN jack on the rear of the unit serving as a MIDI Out jack.

Byte Sequence Action
0xC0 0x00 Preset A01
0xC0 0x01 Preset B01
0xC0 0x02 Preset C01
0xC0 0x03 Preset D01
0xC0 0x04 Preset E01
0xC0 0x05 Preset A02
0xC0 0x7C Preset E25
0xC0 0x7F Tuner

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