Dual Channel MIDI Foot Switch


This project is a MIDI foot switch designed specifically to operate a pair of Behringer V-Amp Pro guitar and bass preamp modelers. The design features five foot switches corresponding to the A-E patch select switches on the V-Amp, and two switches corresponding to the bank up/down switches on the V-Amp. Another switch will be used to select channel 1 or channel 2. A 2-digit, 7-segment deisplay shows the currently selected bank for the selected device. A pair of LEDs indicate whether the upper or lower (channel 1/channel 2) will receive commands. LEDs for each switch indicate the selected patch.

MIDI support will be unidirectional. The foot switch will support sending MIDI commands only. This simplifies the design with the caveat that commands entered via the front panel of either V-Amp will not be reflected at the foot switch controller.

There will be a tuner mode, allowing the foot switch to put both V-Amp units into tuner mode. Holding the A/B switch for 3 seconds will cause the controller to initiate this mode. Any other switch press will cause it to return to normal mode. While in tuner mode, all indicators will be lit to emphasize the active tuner mode.

MIDI channel selection will be accomplished by holding the bank down or bank up switch for 3 seconds. Once in MIDI channel select mode, the bank up and down switches can be used to select the MIDI channel number, reflected in the 2-digit 7-segment display. An LED will indicate whether selecting the upper or lower unit's MIDI channel. The A/B switch can be used to toggle between the two. Pressing any patch select switch will store the new MIDI channel and exit the channel select mode. MIDI channel selection will be stored in non-volitile memory.

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