Dual Channel MIDI Foot Switch

On the Breadboard

On the breadboard with an Arduino

With the circuit breadboarded and the software working, it's time to connect it to a V-Amp to see what happens. It may not look pretty, but it does the job.

For the development prototype I used an Arduino Duemilanove powered by USB. Only one switch was used and I moved it around on the breadboard as needed for the various button functions. A couple of the button inputs were not connected to the Arduino and I saw a little wackiness as a result of the floating inputs. In general, everything worked perfectly.

Once the software is perfected I will eliminate the Arduino and breadboard a standalone ATMega328 in its place. A SparkFun switching power supply will provide power to the finished product.

Ultimately, for the finished prototype, the main components will be put on perf-board with the display on its own small perf-board.

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