An Electronic Drum Kit Build


First, let me state: I am a musician (in a loosely interpreted definition of the word), but I am not a drummer. I use Hydrogen advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux open source drum software for all of my drum parts. But I thought that it might be cool to have some electronic drums in case I might want to occasionally supplement the pre-programmed parts with some actually whacking. It would also be handy when a legitimate drummer is a guest in my studio. I don't have the space--both physically and acoustically--for a real (acoustic) drum kit. Plus, it's always fun to make stuff. So, why not an electronic drum kit?

My first idea was to cut some circles out of plywood, afix a piezo, cover with foam and stretch a piece of simulated leather across (think pleather bar stool seat) and maybe some old vinyl records as cymbals. Before I got started on that I did a little Googling. Although it should not have been, much to my surprise, there is a vast community of DIY electronic percussion builders who have come before me and have shared and continue to share their experiences.

This project documents my own journey and lessons learned to that end. Very little, if any, of what I have done is original. But like those before me, I present a record of my own build, with references and resources provided wherever possible.

And, who knows? Maybe I can learn to play.