Arduino 1-Wire Device Libraries


After my 1-Wire hub and a few of my 1-wire sensors were destroyed by lightning I began to investigate using the Arduino platform, first to assess the damage to all of the sensors on the network, and then eventually to build my own hardware weather station using the elements of the existing 1-Wire network that had been spared from the wrath of Zeus.

The OneWire library for Arduino does a fantastic job of generating the signals required to talk to a 1-Wire network on an Arduino pin. What I needed was a set of libraries to talk to various Dallas-Maxim 1-Wire chips on the network in a simple and consistent way. These libraries, while not perfect, not guaranteed bug or error-free and incomplete (for example, no parasitic mode implementation is provided), have been working quite well for me in my own weather station for more than a year.

Implementations are provided for

All of these libraries require Arduino 1.0 or higher and the Arduino OneWire Library.

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